"Character Scrapbook"
This link takes you to an interactive activity that allows students to describe a character (person or animal) and list 10 things they learned about them. It also allows printing options.
Time for Kids "Punctuation Practice"
It provides interactive practice and inmidiate feedback using punctuation.
Inference games online
You are given a set of riddles and you have to infer the word. It also gives you feedback.
PBS Kids
"Fact and Opinion"
Interactive read aloud games with introduction/explanation. Great for lower grade levels!
Scholastic Poetry Engine
Interactive Poetry Writing.
International Children's
Digital Library
Free digital access to bilingual books in severallanguages. Also available as an Ipad2 App.
Stories online
Free access to stories read aloud with videos and captions. Includes additional activities.
Colorin Colorado
Bilingual resources for teachers, parents and administrators.
K-5 Educational Games