Make BelieveComix
Use this website to create fun comic strips. Just select characters, their mood, and start typing. No account necessary.
Digital storytelling. It's free, but you will have to set an account for you and your class. It's very user friendly, but it works better with Mac than PC. Books written by you or your students are available for purchase as an option in PDF format or hard cover. They recently added poetry to the site.
Just by dragging different art into a canvas, you will be creating your book by adding your writing.
With Piclits, you can select a picture and drag and drop all kinds of words from a drop down menu. Available options include plurals, possessives, past tense etc. You could use Piclits in so many ways! No account needed, unless you want to share the final proyect. It's also ipad and smart board friendly.
With Glogster you can create glogs or interactive posters where sound, videos and pictures can be combined. You can also explore other glogs realted to your topic. It works better with Mac than PC. Accounts needed for you and your students.
Kid Blog
It's a K-12 free secure platform for blogging in your class. Super user-friendly and easy to set up.
Just like the name indicates, you can create all sorts of conversations by using a generator for text messages. Super easy to use and it doesn't require to set up an account.
Newspaper Generator
You can create newspaper articles, flyers, brochures and booklets using different templates.
Check out this video to learn about this website. This is an example of a book my class created.
Game based app to create questions similar to a trivia game. Here's a demo
Make rubrics in no time for writing projects, science, math. Available in English and Spanish.